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Linux is an Operating system like Windows. In the whole world there are just two operating systems that are being used buy us. If we explore the world you’ll see the bunch of Operating systems using somewhere on some devices but believe me just two operating systems are parents in this world rest of all are just flavors or child OS.

What Do I Mean by two Operating Systems (WIn & Linux)?

Well Now am going to explain two operating system theory. If we think deep about my sentence then just one word came into your and my mind if two operating systems (Windows & L!nux) than what are Ubuntu, CentOS, Macintosh, iOS & Android.

All Operating Systems except Windows are Based on L!nux. This is highly customize-able and easy to fit on any environment, Even mostly windows software are based on this OS. Our every operating system is using l!nux as its backend. Android, iOS, RedHat and CentOS or Ubuntu is also a L!nux Platform

What is the use of Linux in Daily Life?

Do you know, you are using Linux Operating System?? No?? Really? But this is truth this website is hosted on Linux OS platform. You are using a Linux Browser. You are watching videos on Linux Platform. You are reading my articles on Linux Based Website Extension (PHP). I don’t think now you want to read more about L!nux in Daily Life.

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  1. Old PC
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Ubuntu ISO image
  4. A little bit of Brain 😛

Lets Get Started

  • Grab your Old PC out from Store, Clean it and Blower it
  • Connect Your PC to LCD or Old Monitor
  • Go Grab Some Power Cables, Old Keyboard & Mouse
  • Purchase a Power Extension Switch and Connect your PC, LCD/Monitor
  • Connect your Keyboard & Mouse Cable to PC.
  • Turn On your PC (If it successfully turned on than follow the instruction below)

After Successful Power on Please Follow this Video Tutorial:

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By Ali Abdullah Khan